We Make Magic With Fire and Smoke​   Est. 2009


    So, what do two Seattle boys know about true, Southern BBQ?  Well, you see, plenty.  We did the right thing, and married some beautiful, passionate, and proud Texans.  

    Now, nobody knows BBQ like Texans.  And these two ladies will be the first to tell you if this stuff is up to snuff.  We have spent the last decade perfecting and honing our craft, not for the fame or fortune, not for pride and glory, but to bring a little slice of our wives' home, back here to the Pacific Northwest.   

    We've toured over 100 BBQ joints in Texas, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, and Tennessee.  We've eaten the best that those places have to offer.  

    Whether you're from Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, the Carolinas, or Anywhere USA,  BBQ always has a story.  Maybe it was Dad swirling around the Weber Kettle, bathed in smoke, as he buttered chicken.  Maybe it was Grandpa bringing home a bottle of the famous Arthur Bryant BBQ Sauce from Kansas City.  Or it was a mom whipping up a batch of potato salad for a weekend feast at the ranch.  Whatever the story is, we sincerely hope our homemade, hardwood-slow-smoked BBQ reminds you of something long ago.  Or maybe it ignites a passion in you, like our first taste of Texas BBQ did in us.  We still remember that first bite of brisket, and that first taste of ribs.

    Our recipes have been gathered over three generations and across three families, from Texas, Missouri, Washington, and Iowa.  We humbly offer you the tradition of slow-smoked, savory, and tender crafted meats, prepared fresh everyday on a real wood smoker.  Our sides like gourmet mac-n-cheese and cornbread puddin' are true comfort food, made with the absolute best ingredient of all:  Love.  We love what we do, and we love who we do it for.    

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Oh when I was a little boy
Only one or two
The first thing I did enjoy
Was a plate of Barbeque
Barbeque sliced beef and bread
Ribs and sausage and a cold Big Red
Barbeque makes old ones feel young
Barbeque makes everybody someone
If you're feelin' puny and you don't know what to do
Treat yourself to some meat eat some barbecue....

​~~Barbeque~~words by Robert Earl Keen (all rights reserved)