We Make Magic With Fire and Smoke​   Est. 2009

 James Brosche has had a lifelong love of food.  His first job was washing dishes in a local pizzeria.  His road to BBQ began in 2000 when his now wife, Teresa, took him to Houston, TX, her hometown, where they dined at Pappas Brothers BBQ.  Born and raised in Seattle, he had never tasted such food.  He returned home, ordered a smoker and began cooking.  Since then,  he has studied the fine art of BBQ, learning from masters like Paul Kirk, and even sitting and interviewing Mike Mills.  In 2009, James and Jack entered the world of competitive BBQ.  They have won several awards, including being Grand Champion at their second event.
James is the Pitmaster of J & J BBQ Company.  His duties include prepping and cooking all meat products, operating and controlling the smokers, preparing some side dishes, and following all health and safety guidelines.  James is very outgoing and enjoys discussing BBQ at length.  He is always thinking about ways to strengthen the product line, expand efficiencies by utilizing the latest technologies, and create great BBQ.  James has an BS in Management and an MBA in Technology Management, and lives in Snoqualmie, WA with his wife, and children.

Who is J & J BBQ Company?

Jack Halsey Jr was brought up in a family that loves to cook.  Some of his earliest memories are of his father and grandfather barbecuing in the backyard in Independence, Missouri.  After moving to Washington, his father kept cooking and introducing Washingtonians to KC Style BBQ, going so far as to bring BBQ Sauce back with him from trips to Kansas City.
Jack’s wife Karen, who is born and raised in Dallas, Texas introduced him to Texas BBQ which expanded his love of BBQ even more.  Jack started experimenting with recipes and ideas that he had to come up for a line of sauces that are cohesive in taste, but also are different enough to please a wide variety of palates.  They are steeped in tradition in both the Texas, Kansas City and other styles and regions of BBQ. Many Texas and Midwest natives can already attest to this.
Jack is the Sauce Master and CFO of J & J BBQ Company.  His duties include preparing side dishes that are taken from secret family recipes that go back three generations, and managing the financial operations of the company. He is always striving to present the customer with the tastiest, highest quality, and most consistent BBQ experience they've ever have had.  Jack is married and has a BA and BM from the University of Washington, and lives in Lynnwood, WA